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In my weekly “Ask Chioma Anything” (ACA) Facebook and YouTube live session of October 19, 2021, I got asked this question by a viewer:

“Hello, ma’am. My question is this: as a small business, what marketing strategies best work for me? How do I get in customers and clients? I am an entrepreneur in the business consulting sector. HELP!”

I am sure many small business owners out there have similar concerns, as well. The first thing I’ll say is that BEFORE you begin to actually operate your business, you must have already devised and put in place sound marketing strategies and structure for it.

Now, here are the issues:

It’s a good thing the person asking the question mentioned their line of business: BUSINESS CONSULTING. This is because the marketing tactic to apply for your business depends on the kind of business you do.

1. FIRST, determine who your TARGET MARKET is.

Though a diverse range of people might be potential customers for your business, there’s likely going to be a particular kind of consumer audience with both the population numbers and the income profile that best suits you, in terms of sales and profitability. That’s your PRIMARY TARGET AUDIENCE, and all your marketing and communication efforts should be geared towards wooing this consumer as assiduously as you can. Think of it as finding yourself in a large ballroom full of girls, but focusing your attention solely on the prettiest girl in the room and going over to ask her to dance. Naturally, if you want her badly enough, you’ll do everything you can to convince her that you’re the right person for her!

2. Properly identifying your target market will help you ascertain the best/most effective marketing communications platforms to reach them. You will be able to determine whether EMAIL MARKETING will work better than conventional advertising media platforms (Press, Radio, Television, Outdoor, etc.) or SOCIAL MEDIA channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

3. Define your brand.

How do you want your brand product or service to be perceived? It’s your prerogative to decide whether you wish to be known as: Innovative; Vibrant; Authoritative; Serious; Caring; Stable and Dependable; Experienced; etc. It’s more or less like giving yourself a nickname to be known and addressed by your friends, associates, and acquaintances!

The way you look, dress, speak, and generally behave, (i.e. your brand colours, mission and vision statement, languages, images, etc.) should reflect your personality at all times.


In today’s extremely competitive global business environment, having a dedicated website for your business is key. It could make a vital difference in your business fortunes for the better. So, do not compromise on this important business tool. As the popular slogan goes: “Just Do It!”


The best way to endear your business to your customers is to always ensure that you create and deliver value! Have you ever heard the song, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” That’s exactly what your customers/clients will ask you time and time again. And if you have nothing new to offer, sooner or later, they will leave. Make sure they don’t!

6. One tried and tested way to stay on the good side of your customers, especially the loyal ones, is to OFFER them FREE GIVEAWAYS from time to time. This is a great psychological boost and it usually provides a win-win situation for both parties: the customers feel like they’re getting rewarded for their patronage, and your business will not only retain these customers, but in all likelihood, you will attract new customers, too!

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