How Do You Love?

It’s been an awesome journey, the 5 days leading up to last “Mothering Sunday” as we know it!

My Facebook Live Experience
I actually decided to run the 5 days Facebook Live broadcast series in honour of my Mum, Mrs. J.U. Obi, an Educator par excellence. If you were not able to join us live for any the broadcasts, click on here to watch the recordings and kindly share with your network. My Mum was quite a tough cookie and her no nonsense tutoring gave my siblings and I the discipline necessary for success. For most of my adult life I knew my mum had quite a severe case of rheumatoid arthritis. It was so bad that for the best part of the last 5 plus years, she had been unable to move around and became bed-ridden. My greatest desire was not even for her to walk again but to reduce her pain and she was in a lot of pain! It broke my heart to watch her or even to hear her on the phone. She had surgery and replaced both knee caps at age 85 and although the pains subsided for a bit, the knees soon flared up again and the pain became almost worse than before! I needed to do something. So, when in June 2016, I got to know about this US-based Company that grows, manufactures and distributes its own products, which are grown organically, without herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, who own and are the world’s largest growers of the miracle plant, I decided to give it a try. I bought some of these 100% organic products and sent home for both her use and my father’s use and the rest they say is history! My mum has regained her interest in life and the pain lines etched on her face are slowly fading away! This year, she will be 88years old. My father, although always energetic and a bundle of energy has had eye challenges and has battled glaucoma and the painful pressure in his eyes but with some supplements from this same company, he is looking forward to his 90th birthday in May and continues to exhibit feats more associated with men much younger than him! So you see, I had a lot of personal reasons for doing the series, but I found that in honouring them, I learnt a lot and I also made a lot of difference in people’s lives.

Research and Nutritional Healing

During the research for the series, I learnt about some of the health challenges more common to women, their orthodox treatments and the less-explored nutritional healing methods.In the past when I heard about nutritional healing, my mind would always go to what we call “Herbalists” in Nigeria! It would also go to the “agbo” woman carrying her roots soaked in “ogogoro” (local gin) on her head and selling mostly to those unable to afford proper hospitals!I guess that’s a form of herbal remedy although that’s largely un-researched and quantities seem a bit difficult to estimate! In my research however, I found out that there are healing plants all around us that if properly grown in organic ways, converted to tablets or drinks, can help us manage many of the issues we face with our health. A lot will also depend on our diet. It’s no use buying the best food supplements and continuing to eat very highly processed and inappropriate foods! The feedback I have received from the series showed me that there are many areas in which I can touch lives by sharing with people. I can share my love for organic food supplements to improve our general well-being, maintain optimal blood pressure levels, manage pain from debilitating diseases like Arthritis better, reduce the effects of hormonal changes due to menopause and also improve our skin quality! I am a beneficiary of these supplements and never get tired of being complemented on my youthful looks that belie my 50+years! I am so excited about what the future holds in this multi-billion Dollar industry! To learn more about nutritional healing and find the products that can help you with any condition or even about how to become a distributor of these products, contact me by clicking on here I also look forward to your comments.