Nutritional Supplementation -
Adding Juice to Spice Up Life

If you listened to my last Facebook Live broadcast, you’ll probably now know quite a bit about supplements and nutrition, so I’m not going to bore you and repeat information I already shared during that broadcast. I’m only going to share with you examples or stories of folks I know personally who have benefitted from using supplements daily and over a long period.

Big disclaimer here : Please note that I’m not making any health claim, I am only recounting experiences of individuals whom I have personal knowledge of their journey.

  1. My Mum
    My mum is 88 years on her next birthday and if you’re familiar with my story, you’ll recall that I mentioned she suffered a lot of pain from arthritis and we were only able to improve her condition after she started taking regular supplements I had recommended to her and which she now uses daily. The improvement in her wellbeing has been truly remarkable. She can move much better now and she is simply no longer in pain.

2. My Father
My Dad will be 90 on his next birthday and he’s as fit as a fiddle. He struggled with his vision in his later years and he has lost his sight. His sight loss resulted from glaucoma. He had a lot of pressure build up in his eyes. I put him on a regime of supplements with a view to relieving some of the symptoms associated with glaucoma and lo and behold, the pressure in his eyes have more or less self corrected.

3. Moi
So I have had a recent history of thyroid malfunction after childbirth (12+years ago). I found that the condition left me constantly tired, unable to lose weight, low energy and I struggled with a sleep defect.

Fast forward to 18 months ago when a good friend introduced me to a business opportunity that according to her had amazing products that could help relieve some of the symptoms I had complained about and asked me to give the products a try. Try I did and sure enough, I saw a marked improvement in my general well being.

The company has some really amazing products, suitable for long term use, are organically grown and manufactured, but, I’m not going to talk about any of their products on this post. You can check the. Out on my website at

In summary, I have had personal experience of my family members’ use of nutritional supplements to help relieve negative symptoms of usually debilitating conditions with brilliant outcomes.

A little aside here and I couldn’t help but mention it on this post. It’s about the beauty of online marketing in the modern world and the flexibility it offers that enables one’s business to be location neutral.

Here I am writing this post following my latest Facebook Live broadcast which I ran from Atlanta, Georgia. I am writing this blog post on my way from Atlanta to New Jersey and I have had and I’m making use of tremendous networking opportunities from across continents; from Africa to the Americas.

If you would like to know more about nutritional supplementation and the business opportunity behind the products I spoke about above you can hook me up by clicking on the link here and we can have an offline chat about what I do and how it can benefit you.

Stay blessed!