5 Steps to Writing a Business Plan

5 Steps to Writing a Business Plan Dear About-to-be Entrepreneur, Listen up: whatever your business dream is, have a well-documented


Hi! In my weekly “Ask Chioma Anything” (ACA) Facebook and YouTube live session of October 19, 2021, I got asked

Vision – The world through your eyes

In 1985, photojournalist Steve McCurry took the iconic photograph of the Afghan Girl, Sharbat Gula,  it appeared on the June

COVID-19 Helping The Nigerian Situation

So, there have been loads of posts on the value of staying indoors to reduce the risk of spreading the

3 Business Lessons for Accelerated Growth

Lessons I Learned In My Business 2019 was a year to remember on many different levels. I reached new heights

8 Steps to Achieving Wellness

Promoting wellness has been more and more on my mind in the last couple of years for a variety of

Nutritional Supplementation – Adding Juice t...

If you listened to my last Facebook Live broadcast, you’ll probably now know quite a bit about supplements and nutrition,

The Magic of Aloe

What is Aloe Vera According to Wikipedia – ‘Aloe Vera is a succulent plant specie of the genus Aloe.  An

How Do You Love??

It’s been an awesome journey, the 5 days leading up to last  “Mothering Sunday” as we know it! My Facebook Live

My Why – Setting the Tone

I spent some time in Europe during the summer as part of my summer vacation with family and some friends

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