So, there have been loads of posts on the value of staying indoors to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and to ‘flatten the curve’.  Some commentators have said that, a lot of the steps suggested, including:

  1. social distancing,
  2. regularly washing hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitisers and
  3. total lockdown or stay indoors orders

may not be effective in our local situation.

This is because not everyone has access to running water, soap or sanitisers.  In addition, that a lot of people need to work daily to earn a living. As such, this makes staying indoors not a viable option.

Furthermore, that many people live in very crowded conditions and as a result,  potentially heighten the risk of rapidly spreading the virus.

Whilst I understand both sides of the ‘argument or discussion’, the fact is that something needs to be done.  Whatever needs to be done has to take account of Nigeria’s peculiar situation.

Without a doubt, staying indoors reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

When you stay at home and someone in your household has the virus, you can potentially contain it in the affected household.

From what we know of the virus, the vast majority of those affected recover fully and experience mild to medium symptoms.

We also understand that the following categories of people are likely to have or experience adverse reactions:

  1. those who are vulnerable including the elderly or
  2. people with underlying health conditions.

What can we practically do?

Individuals, groups and organisations are coming together to support the vulnerable with food, groceries and medical help. Let’s all do our small bit to help people in our community.  These include those who need food, money or medical care.  Donate food, money or supplies to causes engaged in providing support.  Volunteer to help those in need.

What we are doing

We have created a COVID-19 Help and Support Page.  The page is a mini Covid-19 information portal with a focus on Lagos Nigeria.

The portal has credible information on:

  • the virus
  • how to prevent or reduce the risk of infection,
  • what to do if you think you or someone in your household is infected,
  • how to get tested and
  • where to get help with food, money and healthcare

Let us all play our part in combating this pandemic. If we all act responsibly and support one another through this,  we will all be better off for in it in the end.

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