Chioma Okigbo is a Business Veteran who is incredibly passionate about helping small businesses succeed. With a background in Finance and Wealth Management, she realizes that whatever business activity you engage in, you need the necessary skills and support system to achieve your goals. Thus,
building a digital business community offers a unique opportunity for her to exchange thoughtful ideas and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create and cultivate the business of their dreams.

Soji Fagade is a Business Analyst, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Lawyer who brings decades of technical know-how to the conversation. He is the Managing Director of Brinicon Limited, a consultancy firm that specializes in serving small and medium-sized businesses, and he is passionate about helping entrepreneurs become profitable using proven strategies.. Enterprisexperts is the space he wished he had whilst setting up his first venture, as he would have been empowered by the knowledge and ideas of the community.

 Everything you need to confidently build and run your business like a mogul. With practical advice from
our expert team of seasoned advisors.

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