I spent some time in Europe during the summer as part of my summer vacation with family and some friends joined us on the trip.

For me this was a very special time as the vacation was organised to celebrate my 50th birthday.  Some friends joined my family and I on a cruise that started out in Barcelona.   We visited Monaco, Nice, The Vatican, Rome and a few other places.

I was very grateful for the opportunity on many levels –

a) for reaching fifty and not just 50 but in fabulous health and with a fantastic family and group of friends around me to celebrate with me

b) I am thankful for my two lovely children – no words can express my gratitude as I consider them my precious gifts from God.

c) there are too many things to be thankful for that if I begin to recount them, this post would be way too long.   But you understand where I’m coming from  I am from the school of thought that a heart of gratitude is not only a giving heart but one that receives aplenty too.

I have seen so much evidence of this in my life and around me. I am sharing some of my personal life with you for a few reasons – not to say, hey, see what a fabulous life I have, but to give thanks for His Grace and to share the lessons I have learnt on my journey and make no mistake, it has been a journey.

I have learnt that you just never know who your story would inspire, so why not share a bit of you, however fleeting. During the vacation, I had the chance to go into a deeply reflective mode.  While reflecting I thought of so many different things and I will share a few of my reflections with you.

The Value of Goals

I have come to realise that setting goals and having a plan to achieving them has been the key to the success I have achieved. Now defining success or what it means is another matter.  I write down my goals every year and I have a formula that I adopt and I have adopted over the years which has worked very well for me.

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Planning always leads to results

The headline says it all. But equally true is the corollary that if you do not plan you can hardly ever get the results you desire.

You cannot wish your dreams into reality.

You have to make concrete plans and take steps to execute those plans to achieve your goals.  Simple as the above may sound, you’ll be surprised how few people actually do it.

That is what separates the achievers from the dreamers.

My ‘Why?’ remains my most important foundation

Why do I do the things that I do when I do them?  This boils down to my motivation.

What is the driving force behind the dreams that I hope to achieve, the desires that I crave and the deeply held passions that propel me to achieving my goals?

This is my why… For me it is my children. I want to leave a legacy for them that they can be proud of.  That their mother did all she could to be the best at what she did and gave it her all to achieve it.

What is your why? Kindly leave me your comments below.  It would be interesting to hear your views on the subject.

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