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Your Business Questions Answered

Last week’s question on ACA (AskChiomaAnything) was “How Do You Stay On Top Of Industry Trends?”.

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Peek-A-Boo! Here are 9 tips to help your business thrive: ► Read Voraciously ► NETWORK ► Study your competition ► ALWAYS bENCHMARK ► THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX ► LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ► DON’T BE STATIC ► LISTEN TO YOUR TEAM

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I got three exciting questions on this episode. Here’s my take: Must you experience the 9-5 culture before starting out as an entrepreneur ?

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What mistakes have you made as a budding entrepreneur?

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Today we discussed:

1. Why do small businesses never/rarely expand?
2. What is it like to own your own business/company?
3. What percentage of my salary should I save? I am 30 and just started financial planning.

Your Business Questions Answered - Ask Chioma Anything (ACA) Episode 32

pril has almost come to an end…. just like that, wow! Q2 marches on. How has your April been so far? The question(s) Chioma (or maybe ever Soji) have to answer on this week’s ACA (AskChiomaAnything) are questions that most of us want to know the answers to.

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Isn’t it amazing how we’re in April and in the second quarter already!

So tell me: how was Q1? Did you meet your goals, targets all?

Did you even set any goals at all?

If you set some goals, fantastic! If you did not, it’s not too late to get going.

Whatever reason you didn’t set any goal. It’s ok we’ve got you covered.


Here’s wishing you a joyous Easter holiday. The next couple of weeks we’ll be dishing out a lot of value on our platforms, i’d love you all to participate. In the meantime, here’s what the #Easterbunny brought to your doorstep😁 our free Goal Setting Worksheet. 👇🏾…. 

Adhoc versus permanent staff: which would you advise?

It’s a new week and one in which we must ‘slay’!

Businesses often have to make a decision between hiring adhoc staff or permanent members of staff.
In this video, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of both options, so that you can make an informed decision for your business.